Valeteck-Expert IT service

Valeteck is an IT solution provider with a deep concentration on industry and technology ability. It was founded in 2008 and since then, Valeteck has successfully delivered both large-scale and small-scale software applications. Valeteck is based in Dehradun, India and offers a healthy environment to work.

The name Valeteck was derived from Value, Energy and Technology which simply means our team delivers value to customers by utilizing their energy and technology, and provides a range of applications like development of web applications, mobile applications, and Cloud computing applications.

Valeteck also provides Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications for the businesses to meet the ever-increasing market demands. Additionally, Valeteck offers an Offshore Development Center (ODC) which is a business model by which offshore programming is taken up. Our skilled team specializes in Windows Phone app/Windows 8 App development, iPhone/iPad development and Android mobile/tablet development.

Valeteck focuses on Windows App development and has successfully published a significant number of applications in the Windows platform. Some of the popular apps in the Windows platform include those in the health, entertainment, and sport industries. Our team, which consists of extremely talented people, believes that Windows phones and tablets offer a perfect ecosystem which gives a lot of opportunities in the market. Valeteck have great expertise in the Windows platform and have been working on it since it was released.

With latest reports indicating web users prefer the experience of using mobile-friendly websites, the increase in demand by Valeteck for requesting Windows 8 App development is starting to see a significant increase, which is only like to continue to grow in prominence as time passes.

Businesses rely on the wide-ranging services offered by Valeteck to greatly enhance the online presence of their company via the very creative options such as the ability to manage and deploy web and mobile applications. Businesses in search of the right web solutions can’t go wrong with the impressive line of user-friendly, safe, and highly effective apps. Powerful technologies are just a click away for the skilled team of designers at Valeteck.


About udithanda865

Valeteck support an idea that only quality software's could be smart and stable so we use latest technologies to maintain its stability and smartness. The aim of valeteck is to increase the efficiency and competitiveness of our customer’s business, offering IT-solutions that meet the latest trends in information technology and software design.
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