Future In Windows Mobile Development

Windows Mobile Development: The Promising Future Ahead

Way back in the year 2004, Windows mobile enjoyed a 23% market share in the global smartphone arena. Experts said it will most possibly beat Symbian by 2010 and establish itself into the top mobile operating system but in 2011. However, the assumption or forecast did not come true. When we look back at the scenario over the past two years, we find the Windows operating system staying at the 5th place behind Android, Symbian and iOS and RIM. With a consistent effort, Microsoft has effectively pushed itself forward in the mobile OS market as it did in the conventional computer industry.

Till sometime back, no one anticipated that the release of Windows 7 will be a huge hit in the market. The present studies forecast that Windows mobile apps development and Windows mobile app developers will see a huge unforeseen demand over the immediate future years. It is also said that by 2015 Windows mobiles will grab about 21% of the smartphone market share indicating a growth of about 67% for the OS. The present trend of a steep upward rise in demand for Windows mobile app is due ensues from Microsoft quickly perceiving the evolving needs and reacting to the market trends so quickly.

We can cite a number of reasons why Windows mobile has a highly prospective future.

1) The much envied partnership of Microsoft with Nokia is one of the greatest advantages for this platform. Both these giants are seen working very hard with wonderful cooperation investing on their previous experience and expertise in the technology. Nokia has planned to launch a long line of smartphones with Windows OS. This development will help the windows app developers to find myriad opportunities in front of them to create newer apps on the wonderful hardware offered by Nokia.

2) Generally, most users are attracted by user friendly interface. The added advantage they look for include sophisticated quality business tools that will help them achieve a number of day-to-day functionalities with ease. The new kind of promising interface enables the users access the apps much faster than before. The user friendly interface supports and promotes evolving a number of exciting and amazing apps.

3) Windows 7 OS has bestowed a potential experience to Microsoft. This amazing app was developed from scratch and has been rendered highly sophisticated in a way it can effectively compete with the top mobile apps available today in the market. This platform is very much new and highly exciting for both users and Windows mobile app developers.

4) The latest Windows mobile OS released by Microsoft features enough resources for multitasking that will greatly attract and benefit users and developers alike since there is a wonderful advantage that the native applications and web apps can run in the background.

5) Developers can easily evolve innovative apps that can take advantage of the phone’s hardware features including the camera.

6) The Windows mobile app developers and programmers can gain easy access to the new set of highly sophisticated tools and APIs that can support in designing and launching more complex kinds of apps.

Those that have believed that windows mobile has gone out of fashion with the arrival of several apps released by its competitors need to now change their notions. One can say for sure that Windows mobile is the highly promising future of mobile technology. In fact, the apps that are being developed in rocket speed can easily overtake other platforms in the near future. During the coming years, Windows mobile development is sure to see innovative and exciting apps. Therefore it is the right time to catch up the new trend.


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